Welcome to my Fractal design

and Wallpaper download Site!

I have designed this site with the intention of sharing fractal images that I created as a hobby. As a mathematician and computer scientist, I have always been intrigued by how “art imitates life”, or in the case of fractals, the converse.

As a project to learn web design technique, I launched this site to share some of the fractal art that I created over the last two years. In order to access the pages, you must allow the use of Javascript and ActiveX.

My goal was to design a simple layout which would be easy to navigate using any browser. There are no ads or popups to ruin your surfing experience and you can view the galleries without having to return to the Home page. The Wallpaper Gallery contains images that will "fit" on any monitor. This Site and all work displayed are copyrighted and are meant for your personal use only.

I will be adding new material as time goes on. A "Fractal of the Month" will be posted with parameter information given for those who wish to recreate the image on their own. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments. I encourage you to experiment on your own. Enjoy your visit!