In this section you will find information for further exploring fractal art. This page has links to fractal generator software sites and Page 2 has links to my favorite galleries.

There are many freeware and fee-based fractal generator programs . Those listed here by no means represent the only software available. However I have tested them and find them to be stable and good for use. Most of the freeware software listed is made to run on Microsoft Windows ® 98/ME/NT/2000/XP. A few listed run on Macintosh and Linix platforms. In most cases the sites have tutorials on their use.

Fractal Generator Program Links

1) Fractal Explorer v2.02 - FE is the software I used for all images on this site. It is easy to use with a minimal learning curve. It was written by Sirotinsky Arthur from Kiev, Ukraine. OS: Windows; Cost: free with donation requested.

2) Apophysis v2.02 - Apophysis is a Windows application for creating, editing, and rendering fractal flames. A fractal flame is an extension of the IFS (Iterated Function System) fractal. The program was created by Mark Townsend and has since been improved and updated by Peter Sdobnov, Piotr Borys and Ronald Hordijk. OS: Windows; Cost: free.

3) ChaosPro v3.3 - ChaosPro was written by Martin Pfingstl from Burgkirchen, Germany. ChaosPro not only creates Julia and Mandelbrot sets, it can create bifurcation diagrams, IFS fractals, Plasma fractals, Lindenmayer systems, and dynamic systems like the Lorenz attractor, the Rossler attractor, and Lyapunov Spaces. OS: Windows; Cost free.

4) FractInt v20.0 - FractInt was originally written for Windows. Some feel that it is the most versatile and extensive fractal program available. OS: Windows (versions available for Mac, Linux, and BeOS); cost: free.

5) Tierazon v29 - Tierazon is a fractal program written by Stephen C. Ferguson. OS: Windows; Cost: free.

6) Gnofract 4D - Gnofract is an open source program which has the unique capability of rendering fractals by treating the Mandelbrot and Julia sets as different views of the same four-dimensional fractal object. OS: Linux; Cost: free.

6) Ultrafractal v4.03 - Ultrafractal comes in Standard and Animation editions. It was written by Frederik Slijkerman and provides unique rendering capabilities making use of layers and animation. There is extensive documentation and support links. OS: Windows; Cost: see site for pricing.

7) FractalExtreme - Fractal Extreme is a fractal exploration program that produces pictures of the Mandelbrot set and other fractals. It has a zoom feature and can produce animated files. OS: Windows; Cost: see site for pricing.

8) DMOZ - Open Directory Project - The Open Directory Project claims to be the "largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web". It is constructed and maintained by a vast global community of volunteer editors. This link takes you to a section where links to many additional Fractal and Chaos software and utility sites can be found.


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