What is a Fractal?

The word "fractal" was introduced by the mathematician, Benoit Mandelbrot, who in 1975 authored the book, "The Fractal Geometry of Nature". In this work he first introduced and explained concepts underlying this geometry and consolidated and built upon prior work of other mathematicians. The word "fractal" comes from the Latin adjective Fractus derived from the verb frangere, which means "to break". A fractal is a mathematically generated image that is jagged, irregular and complex in nature with the unique property to repeat the design infinitely as you zoom into the image. Mandlebrot observed that many objects in nature were not smooth or regular, but followed a fractured, broken design. Many commonly seen objects such as snowflakes, branches, leaves, mountains, coast lines, human nerve cells, lightening, and galaxies are best defined by using Fractal geometry.

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With the advent of more powerful PCs and the choice of many fractal rendering programs, the ability to create fractal art is within the reach of anyone. You just need an interest to learn some basic mathematics and invest a bit of time to master the software of your choice.

Frank's Avatar My name is Frank and I have earned a BA in Mathematics and a MS in Computer Science, which has led to my interest in fractal geometry and computer generated art. This site was launched in February 2007 so that I could share my art with anyone interested in fractal design.

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To create all the fractal art shown, I have used Fractal Explorer v2.02, which is available as a freeware download via a link in the Resources section. I have not post-processed any images other than to overlay copyright information on the bottom of the frame. All thumbnails on pages in this site can be clicked to produce a larger image so you can see more detail.

In the "Gallery" and "Wallpaper" pages, I display fractal images that I have created for viewing and download. In the "Fractal Theory" pages, I have discussed some technical detail concerning the mathematics of certain types of fractals. I have also included links to sites which describe fractal theory in greater detail for anyone interested in a more rigorous mathematical discussion of this topic. In the "Resources" pages, I have posted links to sites for downloading Fractal generation software and links to some of my favorite fractal galleries. I do not take responsibility for the content or performance of any links that are not part of this site.

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